Dark Fibre + IP Transit + 10Gbit Internet

Low latency, premium connectivity.

Sydney / Melbourne / Brisbane / Perth

Dark Fibre

Nexthop is an Australian telecommunications carrier that provides wholesale dark fibre on a network we built, own and operate.

Speed & Security - The Ultimate Control

Dark fibre provides the ultimate mix of speed and security. The customer has complete control and can dictate the bandwidth and encryption requirements from end to end.

Bespoke Network Builds

Nexthop has extensive fibre experience and can customise a solution for the needs of Carriers, ISP's, MSP's, Large Enterprise, Cloud Providers and Internet Exchanges

Our own network

We run our own network, built with our own fibre assets deployed in Sydney / Melbourne / Brisbane / Perth

Connect straight to the cloud

Bypass the Internet and connect straight from your office into the major Australian datacentres via dedicated dark fibre

IP Transit

Leverage the full power of the Telstra & Optus international transit networks.

Premium Blend

Nexthop leverages extensive peering and transit connectivity to provide you with a premium blended feed. Take a full BGP table, domestic routes or the default route, the choice is yours.

Individual Sessions

Sometimes you just want full control. We get it, that's why we created nexthop. We provide separate BGP sessions for Telstra & Optus so you can manipulate the routing table the way you want.

Dual stack IPv4 and IPv6

It's 2021, if it isn't dual stacked it's not a network built for the future. All BGP sessions are dual stack enabled by default. If Telstra and Optus can IPv6, so can you.

Flexible Billing

Need ports in multiple locations and want to share the same commit? Not a problem, aggregated billing is a standard feature. Flat rate or 95th percentile billing modes are also available.

10 Gbit Internet

Through our private fibre infrastructure, partners can ensure their clients are delivered the fastest internet speeds on the market.

10 Gbit to the premises

Each service can go as fast as the optics will let them, upto 10Gbit download and 10Gbit upload. Delivered over a dedicated fibre and uses active ethernet back to our nearest datacentre.

Private vlans for over-the-top services

Combine high speed internet access with private vlans back to your choice of cloud and over-the-top partner services. Overlay voice, backup and cloud interconnects on the same 10Gbit port.

Our own network

We run our own network, built with our own fibre assets deployed in Sydney / Melbourne / Brisbane / Perth

Multi-gig wifi + SD-WAN

Take full advantage of the latest multi-gig wifi solutions by uncapping your internet speeds. Accelerate your SD-WAN deployment with high speed internet.

Our Story

Founded in 2016, Nexthop is a privately funded licensed telecommunications carrier, providing wholesale dark fibre and IP connectivity services to the Australian market.

As a challenger Telco, we believe our customer focus and highly experienced team can provide flexible solutions not currently available in the market.

If you are frustrated dealing with the traditional large telcos...

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